Yoga and Hindu Philosophy

Yoga and Hindu Philosophy

Yoga is a popular form of meditation in Hindu religion. It is a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual training. It is found in ancient Hinduism. In fact, it is an orthodox school in Hindu philosophy. Many people around the world choose yoga as their meditation method.

What are the types of Yoga?

Yoga is divided into many types such as bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, etc. The procedures of these types are different from one another. Actually, these types are divided according to the name and procedures of Hindu saints. Bikram Chowdhury is the developer of bikram yoga. K. Pattabhi is the developer of ashtanga yoga. He is considered as the father of modern Indian classical yoga. There are also other ancient forms of this special meditation. But these two forms are the most popular ones among the people.

What are the goals of yoga?

The main goal of yoga is to achieve moksha. Improving health is also included as a goal. Moksha is the condition that means the liberation from the sufferings of this world. It also means the eternal relationship with Vishnu who is considered as a god in Hindu philosophy. If you want to do yoga properly, you should attend yoga classes of a true yoga instructor. Only a true yoga instructor can teach you the real spiritual and physical values of yoga.

What is the perfect time to start yoga?

There is no fixed time for yoga. You can take your yoga lessons in anytime. But it is better to start learning it from the beginning of your life. This will help you physically and spiritually. You will be able to face a lot of difficulties through your yoga lessons.

Is there any spiritual exercise like yoga in Japan?

There is a spiritual exercise like yoga called as reiki in Japan. A famous Buddhist Mikao Usui developed this physical exercise in 1922. Reiki has become a tradition in Japan now. There are five principles of reiki. The first one is controlling anger. Not to worry, try to be grateful, try to work with diligence, and being kind with people are the other ones. Nowadays, reiki is not only performed in Japan but also performed in China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. countries. It has been attached to the cultures of these countries.

Is yoga is mentioned in Hindu holy books?

If you are a Hindu, you have to know about your holy books before starting your yoga class. Three ways of yoga are mentioned in Bhagabad Gita. They are karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and jnana yoga. You can start your yoga class with the practice of these traditional ways of yoga. Many instructors teach these ways.

Has yoga any relationship with Jainism?

According to the holy books of Jainism, yoga is closely related to this religion. Yoga is suggested for establishing control in human body and mind. Many traditional histories of Jainism indicate that yoga is a part of Jainism.

If you are not a Hindu, you can still practice yoga by avoiding the beliefs related with Hindu religion. If you just accept the physical moves of yoga, you will be benefited a lot. You can search for more information about yoga in

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