Zhao see the whip to swing in all Woolrich outerwear

The royal Canada Goose Men’s Parka character possessed, Zhao strength rose, seems to temporarily break through the bottleneck, breaking its own limits, this feels so good, even the vision have become a lot, just had thought that Zhang Yan has disappeared, but actually be able to see Zhang Yan on the jump in the air, just continue to change in orientation, fast, difficult to distinguish the fundamental strength of the weak. Montenegro army there are four security guard, the former security guard Zhang Yan, Shenqingruyan powerful strength, Canada Goose Women’s Parka known for speed, good a Yan Yu whip swallows said. Zhang Yan once moving at high speed, the naked eye are generally difficult to see, and but Zhang Yan moving at high speed and not driven by the flow of air, so in order is determined by virtue of the air flow position of the Zhang Yan, it is practically impossible, Zhang Yanshun wind moving, ability to harness wind can be described as superior excellence. Zhao Canada Goose Women’s Parka was single with the naked eye can distinguish Zhang Yan action, which also shows the strength of Zhao a short period of time has been greatly enhanced, it seems that the Royal operator hands have a different kind of home Jaap Lan this mysterious surgery usage. Blink of an eye, Zhao has been goes red cloth completely wrapped. Zhao knew that in fact, although now the strength rose, but on the speed, or impossible to keep up with the metamorphosis of Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka Zhang Yan, only a bold attempt to deliberately into the red cloth, cited that Zhang Yan came in the cut and thrust, and see if you can be beat in a small space. Sure, Zhang Yan to speed quickly rushed into the red cloth, bullwhip sway, such as the sea dragon, foes play to Zhao. Not only Zhang Yan mobile fast shot speed is also surprisingly fast, brief moment, has thrown hundreds whip. Zhao see the whip to swing in all Woolrich outerwear directions, the hands of mysterious the Sunrise holy gun foes already applied to start, and the hearts of an idea, Xuan Xi San gun fire attribute Lee gas spewing out, that can trigger before The fire properties of profit gas is a small stream, Zhao strength rose after today triggered fire attribute profit gas is a river.hm520pp20121105

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