zhaoyun can feel the canada goose yorkville

After three days. ZhiYa! Gravity door quietly and open. Zhaoyun carry a hand from gravity space came out, is wearing on the face and carefree smile. Ah! TongYuan look cry for miles, I uttered a marvel. Too fast, it’s weird! Originally thought to ten days, now only three days, they can easily go out. This is the real genius! QianNianYiYu genius! Who also don’t know, canada goose trillium parka womens zhaoyun XuanXiSheng gun hidden in such a powerful force, zhaoyun get this weapon, it can be said is a kind of luck, but luck, did not of a man a strength? Don’t forget, zhaoyun even use the strength, but also to bear considerable pain, inside short time constantly seriously injured, this is not the average person will be able to do it. Senior, I can in free activities, now I introduction. Zhaoyun smilingly said. Zhaoyun a meal, on the face micro red, excuse me, next to this is… Standing in TongYuan next to the WenLu eyes are a blink blink not to stare at zhaoyun, completely into the god. Zhaoyun was so stare at, the whole body is not natural. TongYuan grinning at WenLu, girl, SiChun the and… zhaoyun the boy is handsome of. Ha ha ha. At that time WenLu just the reaction come over, oh ~ is not, not this meaning. WenLu extensive on the face is red, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, forget to introduce myself. My name is WenLu, you, how do you canada goose chilliwack do! Hello, WenLu. Zhaoyun smile a nod. Hello, zhaoyun brother. WenLu small voice whisper, so you long so. What? Zhaoyun asked. No, no. WenLu repeatedly shaking head bag, xi xi. WenLu badly a smile. Is really a strange girl, zhaoyun heart postern, but look, this girl to myself and not malicious. A river’s lake, the woman is a knife, the beautiful woman more is a sharp knife. If you are not careful, will let the knife stabbed himself. But zhaoyun can feel the canada goose yorkville girl did not poke their meaning, on the contrary, like where I saw, there is a kind of feeling, indistinct, saying don’t come out. To achieve the general Spaces, temperament is not the same ah, ha ha. TongYuan smiled to smile, in the heart is quite satisfied, yes, he is very full Zhaoyun pinching fist, feel the power feeling, the mood is very cheerful. hm520pp20121109

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