ZhenAi hesitantly slowed down

Sail silent sink without a word, two people eating dinner, sitting on the balcony.ZhenAi suddenly leaning over the railing from the arms of the sail, staring at the sky, turned around and asked sail: “Guess Weaver and Niu Lang does not meet woolrich arctic men parka the time, will do anything?”Sail smiled and said: “Silly girl, Tanabata still early.”ZhenAi sudden tears. An idea to take out from the bottom of my heart – Tanabata when, do not know they are still together, can not be with the stars. She Ce Guotou and let sail see her face. Her growing hate this, always like to discuss Yang positive thinking mind at that time, he smiled and said: “silly girl, Tanabata also grown old hearsay evidence. Love makes people humble, there is no security sense.Sail suddenly remembered one thing, the orthophoto to ask ZhenAi. First, he took her hand, and he was not sure she heard there will be what kind of response, sail said: “ZhenAi, I want

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to take you to see the vocal cords experts tomorrow.”ZhenAi’s hand was holding her back moonlight sail not see her face. But his expression full fall on her eyes, she knew he did not malicious, he is good for her.She withdrew the hand, in sign language, said: “There will be a miracle.”"Have you tried it?,” Sail asked.ZhenAi shook his head, she did not tried.”I’ll give you the arrangements, MD, ah?” He tried to lifted her face.ZhenAi turned around to avoid, she say this? This gave him hope or interrupted his hope. She looked up a moment the stars. An absence of feelings, it will not be too sad. An absence of feelings, what things to fear.She did not know how he is, she always somehow sad, inexplicable tears. She was always a kind of premonition, like so quietly nestled together, they may have been not so much.”Sail, if you fall in love with a man should not love, what will happen?”"Love was not and should not only love and do not love.”"Well, if you fall in love with a person does not love you, what will happen?”They snuggle sit together, set sail in her ear and kissed chickened ZhenAi. He chuckled and said: “Why do you ask such a strange question?”ZhenAi find an excellent reason: “Ah Xin said she fell in love should not love, not love her.”"That was her thing, you’re doing what the heart and the feelings of others is hard discount woolrich parka to understand.”"Sail, you loved me?”Heard this one when his body was stiff, why is “loved”? Instead of “love”?”If I can not talk forever, you still love me?”He adjusted the sitting Banguo her shoulder, he looked at her.”ZhenAi, how do you?” If she did not want to go to the doctor, they do not go tomorrow like.ZhenAi shook his head, he did care about the eyes she felt heartache, tears in the eyes of the spin, she found that he was so vulnerable. Sail a ring and hugged her. He did not ask, just say: “Do not cry.” He kissed her eyes, trying to tears kiss away.ZhenAi stoop quietly off the tears on his shoulder. She stopped the tears, pushed sail figured generally sail said: “Maybe I do not suit you.”The sail still stunned, the ZhenAi stood up, she picked up the coat, she wanted to get out of here. If love can not hold, she and at least leave some final dignity for themselves.Sail block in front of her.”Get this straight? Broke it?” He is the man cry, ah, how suddenly it comes to breaking up?ZhenAi sniffed, and nodded. Do the authors also waiting for him opening her more embarrassing?”How can people break up cry like you, like tragic.” Try Qubao she set sail.The ZhenAi avoid him She bit Yaochun.”Loved you in the end how, if you do not want to go to the doctor tomorrow -”"You think I do not want to try this?” ZhenAi interrupted sail, sail, no I could not even try. “”What do you mean?” Sail a less good hunch.ZhenAi Try irrelevant to him in sign language, said: “My vocal cords have been excised!” But the tears across her face again. She do not need to say more, the sail had fully understood. Blue lightweight scarf pulled her to the water below, the place of the throat clear a circular wound.Set sail for a long time speechless.”How do you previously did not tell me?”"Now know, not too late.” She put on her scarf.Sail holding the fist on the door hard hammer, ZhenAi terrified.Some of his heartache, heart like a something to suppress, he used to wonder ZhenAi Why always wear a pullover, or else will cheap woolrich jackets always be a matching scarf around. How he never found?Than before worried he saw their wounds will do what reaction. ZhenAi but now they have calmed many.”Maybe I do not suit you.”She dropped this to open the door.”Popping” sound and sail hard hit in the door, door crashed and off. His hand supporting the door, she was trapped in between the door and he.”You always say that you do not fit me, why do not you ask my opinion? Least my party more say in it than you.”Sail to pull her scarf, ZhenAi desperately to not let go.”ZhenAi, if one day, my eye was blind, you still love me?”ZhenAi looked up his eyes, his eyes very seriously, seems to really identify clues from his eyes. She also care so much about him, set sail confidently smiled. He said: “ZhenAi, I love you.”ZhenAi hearts throbbing light, hands down, the scarf dropped to the ground. The sail thumb across that road wound.”Painful?” He asked.She shook her head. The third shed tears.She cried, “Do not cry, makeup should be spent.” He woolrich women jackets tried quips.But loved to laugh.Eyes swollen, how to see people tomorrow? “He says with a laugh.”Sail, you will never leave me?”"Will never leave.”That night the moon and stars shining, became a ZhenAi indelible part of our lives.The matter did not change, the the star not shift oath longer. Years later, he saw her again, he remembered that night, dejected. Sands Opera Only to find – so in love with her and wanted to be this old and she has been.Always in the end how far? Or arrived, but the fate of teasing palm. Just that they do not know what tomorrow will be like capricious.ZhenAi subsequently in the chapter house mansion yard to see Chapter Runye.Sail with her through the carved gates. She was leaning on his side, smiling as if nothing had happened, and God knows how nervous she was.Sail patted her hand to comfort her, saying: “When a friend of mine.”ZhenAi blink of an eye, like the letter of non-letter.Set sail for centering to her, they said: “In any case, I want to marry you woolrich women arctic jackets to be my wife.”This touches from the role of the ZhenAi names with surname to use sign language to say: “Chapter sail, you asked me to marry you?”Sail Hehedexiao, he asked: “Do you like it? Marry or not to marry?”ZhenAi raised his head this way? “But this is too sincere.”"How it is to be considered sincere? You.”The ZhenAi smile elated, restrained no longer care for him.Chapter house, old house in the middle of the garden is a small two-story house, two people have not approached, someone has opened the door to the outer waiting. ZhenAi hesitantly slowed down, forget sail just said to her.Approached the to see Lin posture. Her to two micro point his head, said: “uncle inside you.” Should pose cited walked to the house with the sail and ZhenAi.Zhangrun industry received them in the study.”Dad.”ZhenAi do not know what to do. Say “uncle”? But how she put it out. Half-bow the ZhenAi Zhangrun industry.”Sit down.” Black wood table looks abnormal strong industry Zhangrun sitting behind the desk, black chair.Sail pulling ZhenAi sit down.

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